Prayer is simply having a conversation; it is talking to God like we would talk with a friend. As we talk with God in prayer, this is where we get to really know Him, hear from Him, and learn how to walk in the power He so freely gives us through His Spirit.

Perhaps you are new to prayer and/or in need of prayer. Below are easy ways for you to participate. 


Oakbrook family members may join the Oakbrook prayer team by subscribing to the email prayer list to support one another in prayer and encouragement. Contact the church office to subscribe and/or to submit a prayer request. 


All are invited Sunday mornings from 8-9 AM to meet for a time of prayer before the worship service in the cafe.


Please consider joining us for prayer Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.    What a great opportunity to pray for our city, churches and the many people who still need Jesus.  


In January, we start the year off by spending a week (7-days) meeting daily at the church to pray. This is time simply talking with God about the needs and praises of our church, city and the world.